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8/2/2012 - Accretive Advisor Inc. has partnered with Infinite Media Inc.

Accretive Advisor Inc. has partnered with Infinite Media Inc.

Accretive Advisor Inc. has partnered with Infinite Media Inc. a leading developer of information and learning management systems to create a state-of-the-art technology platform that will give all financial advisors access to a vast array of content, insights, best practices, tools, coaching and other resources to assist them in building and promoting their businesses. The first phase of the new advisor portal is scheduled for launch in September, 2012. 
Infinite Media with configure an instance of Infinite KM for Accretive Advisor. This instance, when applied to the Accretive Advisor model, will enable cost effective publishing of digital content (including video) with measureable results. This implementation will enable the cost effective management of the Accretive Advisor business model. 

“We look forward to a long-term and mutually beneficial business relationship with Accretive Advisor,” said Brad Sellors, Managing Director of Infinite Media. “We’re thankful for the opportunity to work with such a professional and experienced team.” 

About Infinite Media:
Infinite Media Ltd. (Infinite Media) is an integrated digital company; building digital solutions to accelerate business results. We are idea generating, process-driven and results-oriented collaborators – with over 15 years of experience providing intelligent answers. Our InfiniteKM Platform and associated modules allow our clients to decrease time to market, get closer to their audiences and position themselves as leaders and innovators. Combined with our winning InfiniteKM Platform, our consulting services include optimized marketing, learning, and software solutions that deliver measurable results and generate revenue. Our innovative solutions enable us to be a trusted partner providing services to global brands. We make digital publishing, content distribution, and asset management simple and invaluable to our partner clients. Please visit us at, or contact us at for any inquiries.

About Accretive Advisor
Accretive Advisor provides resources and facilities that enable Investors and Financial Advisors to find each other. The result is personal financial planning at its best for both the investor and advisor.
They enable Investors to better understand themselves and what it is they are looking for in an investment professional by providing tangible and actionable information and guidance.
They enable Advisors to build more successful practices by providing them with information that helps them understand their clients on a much deeper level. This creates greater clarity about their roles and the expectations their clients have of the relationship.

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